Grateful Acknowledgement

Princeton is grateful to the alumni, parents, and friends whose generosity supports the University's many programs of teaching and learning, and expresses that gratitude in a variety of ways.

Some of these thank-yous are more public. For example:

  • Everyone who supports Princeton through a planned gift -- such as a trust or bequest -- becomes a member of the 1746 Society and is invited to special events. Names of the society's members are published in various materials each year.
  • Those who gave a scholarship or fellowship are listed by name online, along with the year the endowment was established, and often a brief note about why it was created.

Other expressions of gratitude are more personal: the note from a student scholarship recipient, the update from a center director on how a gift has been used that year, or the presentation by a department chair on how a gift has made a difference for its students and faculty.

Princeton would not be as strong, or as innovative, without the extraordinary generosity of those who believe in its mission.