Annual Giving

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General Inquiries

Phone 609.258.3373 or 800.258.5421 (U.S. only)
Fax 609.258.3380

Our legal name is: Trustees of Princeton University
Our tax ID number (EIN) is: 21-0634501

Mailing Address

For gifts, please mail directly to our gift processing department:

Princeton University
Attn: Annual Giving
Box 5357
Princeton, NJ 08543-5357

Because this address expedites gifts directly to the gift processing unit, it is preferred for most gift transactions.

For general correspondence and gifts requiring detailed explanations, please use our box address below:

Princeton University
Attn: Annual Giving
Box 46
Princeton, NJ 08544-0046

For deliveries, please use our street address:

Princeton University
Attn: Annual Giving
100 Overlook Center, Suite 300
Princeton, NJ 08540

Contact Staff

To reach individual Annual Giving staff members, visit our Staff Directory.

Parents Fund

For inquiries about giving to the Parents Fund or volunteering for the Parents Committee, please contact Linda Knights '77 P14 at 609.258.5638 or e-mail

Annual Giving Committee

Timothy M. Kingston '87

Jennifer A. Daniels '93
Robert J. Hugin '76
Laurence G. Latimer *01
Christopher E. Olofson '92
John P. Rustum '87
James H. Simmons, III '88
Lauren E. McKenna Surzyn ’07

Henry C. Barkhorn, III '71
Kishan A. Bhatt '17
Richard H. Bott '69
Elinor A. Buck '17
J. Andrew Cowherd '74
James E. Crawford, III '68
Will Crawford '20
Katherine M. Diller '17
Ann-Marie S. Elvin '12
Christine Williams Fitzgibbons '92
Alison S. Fraser '03
Eli J. Goldsmith '04
Camille A. Gray '05
Rahsaan K. Harris '95
Sam G. Heffernan '14
Brooke Doherty Horgan '99
Thomas C. Hoster '72
Christopher C.W. Huie '16
Jennifer Jacoby Hurd '93
Yuriko A. Inaba '16
Taylor A. Jean-Jacques '20
Dennis J. Keller ’63
Jake Kirkham '20
John P. Lavelle Jr. '85
Caroline R. Lippman '19
Christopher D. Long '97
Karissa M. Lowe '20
Samantha A. Lynch '06
Jay P. Mandelbaum '84
Naoum Fares Marayati '19
Barbara A. McElroy '81
Rand A. Mirante '70
Michael R. Monagle '09
Allan B. Moore P20
Vivian S. Moore P20
Edward G. Morse, Jr. '93
Jason A. Mraz '89
Robert S. Murley '72
Michael P. Nixon '00
Doris A. Ofori '17
Julie Pak '20
Anthony Pappenfus '13
Taylor G. Pavelski '99
Kimberly A. Peterson '19
Heather Dembert Rafter '82
Wade A. Rakes, II '02
Tina A. Ravitz '76
Louise S. Sams '79
Sarah C. Schiff '10
Richard O. Scribner '58
Don Seitz '79
Jared M. Shulkin '20
Jamie Smith '15
Karen Hammerback Sonneborn '95
Thomas S. Souleles '90
Frederick G. Strobel '74
Raghuveer K. Vinukollu *11
Lisa Washington '89
Thomas C. Workman '94
Wesley Wright, Jr. '51
Deborah Yu '98
Kevin Zhang '15